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1. The website tracks transfers to steem user @profitcheck (by default), who delegated SP to various steem services. Thanks to this we are able to determinate the size of payouts from each service.

2. The higher the APR (annual percentage rate), the more profitable the service is. APR is calculated using the formula:
(steem profit + sbd profit) / delegation / days delegated * 365 * 100%

3. Please note that some services send payouts every few days, while others few times a day. This may cause the website to display slightly higher or slightly lower APR than the actual one - depending on the moment of checking. To get the overall picture, it's best to check the website on a regular basis.

4. You can extend the calculations time-frame by clicking "Load More" next to the APR. This should give more reliable results.

5. Please note that the website does now know which transfer is a payout and which is, for example, a refunded upvote request. Please use @profitcheck to compare the APR as they should be receiving only payouts from the listed services.

6. * SBD and STEEM prices taken from